Clear Creek Floodplain Restoration

This project removed 1,500 feet of an existing road, replaced and upgraded two aging culverts, created 500 feet of new stream channel and restored up to 30 acres of stream floodplain and riparian habitat.

Clear Creek is a major stream system flowing into Dyes Inlet. It was historically a productive salmon stream prior to settlement and development in the area. The natural floodplain has been severely constrained by retail and commercial development, roads, road crossing culverts and agriculture. These activities removed streamside vegetation, resulted in ditching of side streams, channelization of the main creek and erosion from uncontrolled stormwater flows. The creek intersection at the East and West Forks has been especially manipulated resulting in severely degraded stream function and habitat.

Although historical activities and urbanization of the watershed have harmed Clear Creek, there is still great potential to restore ecological function to the system. Protecting and restoring floodplains is one of the most important things we can do to recover salmon populations and reduce the risk of flooding downstream properties. This project builds upon completed stream system enhancements (Shadow Glen, Mountainview and Sunde Rd fish passage improvements) and estuary enhancements including the Bucklin Hill Bridge Replacement.

Clear Creek Shelter Building Use Agreement

Bringing Clear Creek Back to Life (video)

Project Benefits

  • Fish-Passage Barrier Replacement
  • Floodplain Restoration


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