Dickerson Creek Culvert Replacement & Floodplain Restoration

This project will replace two aging road culverts with larger fish-passable culverts, remove streambank armoring, restore floodplain habitat and off-channel areas, enhance in-stream and riparian conditions, reduce flooding, and provide public education opportunities. The project was done in two phases: Phase 1 - David Road, which was completed in 2015, and Phase 2 - Taylor Road, in 2016.

Chico Creek, and Dickerson Creek, a major tributary, are some of the most productive salmon streams in Kitsap County. The culverts on Dickerson Creek at Taylor and David roads have been identified as significant fish-passage barriers. In addition, the stream is disconnected from its floodplain, streambank armoring is common throughout the project area and riparian habitat has been restricted by adjacent land-use. There is little instream habitat currently and there are few evergreen trees in the adjacent stream area to provide woody material into the stream in the future.

In addition to replacing barrier culverts, the project includes adding over 270 pieces of woody material that will trap sediments and create pools for fish, planting 9,000 native trees and shrubs in the streamside areas, and monitoring the stream health before and after to determine the project benefits. Once completed the project will provide over a mile of access to upstream habitat, and reduce the risk of property flooding.

The habitat upstream of the project site is identified as some of the best spawning and rearing habitat for chum salmon in the Chico Creek watershed. Therefore, removing these barriers and improving floodplain connectivity, in-stream conditions, and riparian habitat will provide multiple benefits for the restoration of the Chico Creek.

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