Silverdale (Duwe'iq) - Regional Stormwater Wetland Facility

This project will construct a stormwater treatment wetland which will remove pollutants from 13 acres of parking lot and rooftop runoff on a 3 acre parcel in the heart of Silverdale.

To protect downstream shellfish beds in Dyes Inlet, water recreation and nearshore habitat Kitsap County studied options for improving the stormwater system. This project was a top priority project in the Silverdale LID Retrofit Plan completed in 2012. Untreated parking lot and rooftop runoff currently flows into Clear Creek at Ridgetop Blvd near Levin Road.

The stormwater treatment wetland will remove up to 90% of the harmful metals, solids and oils prior to discharge through a new naturalized outfall into Clear Creek. An initial pool will provide settling of solids and the slow movement of water through the facility and the contact with plants will result in removal of up to 90% of metals and oils. Once the plants have matured, the wetland will look similar to the Saqa'ad Stormwater Treatment Wetland located north of Myrhe Road. The current Clear Creek Trail that is located near the proposed wetland will remain.

Construction is scheduled for spring 2016 with plant establishment to continue into 2017. The treatment wetland should be fully operational by fall of 2017.

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  • Water-Quality Enhancement


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