West Fork Clear Creek - Sunde Road Culvert Replacement

To improve fish passage and enhance habitat, Sunde Road was permanently closed at Clear Creek and the culvert was removed. The channel was widened and the streambed was enhanced, and a pedestrian/emergency vehicle bridge replaced that section of roadway over Clear Creek.

The existing culvert at Sunde Road prevented fish from accessing upstream habitat on Clear Creek. Because the culvert had been listed as a fish-passage barrier, replacing it was a high priority. In addition to improving fish passage, this project will restore instream and riparian habitat and improve water quality. 

Based on technical analysis and feedback from residents, after considering the options the County decided to remove the culvert, dead-end Sunde Road on both sides of the creek, and install a footbridge.

Project Benefits

  • Conveyance Asset Upgrade
  • Fish-Passage Barrier Replacement
  • Stream Enhancement


Project Cost
Funded By
Kitsap County Public Works - Stormwater$246,000


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