Manchester Community Stormwater Retrofit Plan

To improve water quality in Manchester and keep Puget Sound waters healthy, Kitsap County worked with the community to develop "green" stormwater solutions (GSS) for Manchester. This project identified places on public property, private property and road right-of-way to manage stormwater on site in a cleaner, more attractive way.

Stormwater improvements considered include conventional infrastructure, such as stormwater pipes and catch basins, and “green” infrastructure, including rain gardens and permeable pavement.  GSS techniques use natural features to absorb rainwater and improve water quality.

Project Benefits

  • Conveyance Asset Upgrade
  • Flood-Control
  • Green Stormwater Solutions
  • Green Street Solutions
  • Stormwater Pond Retrofit
  • Water-Quality Enhancement


Project Cost
Funded By
WA Dept of Ecology$150,000


Contact Information

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