Olympiad Drive Culvert Replacement--Harper Estuary Restoration

The Kitsap County Department of Public Works (the County) is working with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to restore the Harper Estuary.

HARPER COMMUNITY MEETING OPEN HOUSE: February 15th at Colby United Methodist Church, 2881 Harvey Street SE Port Orchard, Washington (4:30 p.m.)

The project is planned in two phases:

Design Lead for Phase 1 - Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, (WDFW) Project Manager, Doris Small, 360.902.2258
Click here for Phase 1 project information

Design Lead for Phase 2 - Kitsap County Department of Public works, Project Manager, Gunnar Fridriksson, 360.337.5777

Five project components:
1) Estuary restoration consisting primarily of removal of historic fill and reconnection of tidelands, which also includes the cleanup of contaminated soil that has been detected in isolated areas south of
SE Olympiad Drive. (Phase 1) Complete.
2) Replacement of a 24-inch culvert on Harper Creek which runs under Southworth Drive with a 16'x11' three-sided culvert. (Phase 1) Complete
3) Replacement of the existing hand launch facility and beach access at the NE corner of Olympiad and Southworth Drive. (Phase 1)
4) Removing the existing 36-inch diameter culvert and associated road fill that exists where Olympiad Drive crosses Harper Estuary with a 120 foot bridge. (Phase 2)
A wave pattern for the wall design was selected. Click here to view.
5) ADA compliant beach access (Phase 2)

The goal of the project is to restore tidal influences and natural habitat that are now impacted by the ineffective culverts on Southworth and Olympiad Drives and road fill. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is the design lead for the first three components of the project, and the County is the lead for the fourth and fifth components – the design of the bridge and an ADA compliant beach access to be included with the bridge construction.

Project schedule:

~Southworth Drive culvert and estuary restoration is complete.

~The Bridge design, including plans and specifications, is being completed by Otak Inc. The project is anticipated to go to bid early 2018. Bridge construction will follow once funding is secured.

Phase 1
: This portion of the project is currently funded by Asarco Mitigation Funds at $4.1 million. The first two components of the project cost approximately $3.6 million. We anticipate the state legislature will re-appropriate the remaining balance to Phase 2 of the project, for construction.
Phase 2: The design portion of this portion of the project is approximately $1 million dollars and has been paid for partially by the Asarco funds and a grant from the Salmon Recovery Board. The County and WDFW are working together here as well to fund the remaining three components, including the bridge. A construction estimate for the bridge, staircase, and beach access path is $4.8 million, which is currently not funded, unless the state legislature funds the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) at $14 million.

Total project cost is roughly $8.5 million.


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