Yukon Harbor Sewer Extension

This project will extend sewer service along Colchester Avenue and Yukon Harbor Drive in Manchester and install gravity mains,forcemains, and a pump station. Department of Ecology awarded Kitsap County $4,563,348 in Centennial Clean Water Grants and $432,000 in loan (2.4% for 20 years) for the project.

Traffic detours and delays are expected in the project area through November 2018. See the traffic control plan for more details.

Project Components: 3-inch and 8-inch forcemain, 8-inch to 12-inch gravity pipe, pump station, side sewers and individual grinder pumps.

Project Cost Estimates:

  • Design and permitting: $1,098,000 (estimated); $846,356 (final)
  • Construction: $4,000,000 (estimated); Rodarte Construction contract: $5,600,247
  • Construction services: $446,121

Project Benefits

  • Capacity
  • Public Health
  • Water-Quality Enhancement


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